Welcome to European Energy’s Internship Program

European Energy provides the opportunity to undertake an internship in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The purpose of European Energy’s internship programme is to gather young talents from an academically diverse background. This is to enhance the attendant’s educational profile with a period of extensive and qualified work experience within renewable energy while gaining an insight into European Energy’s business as a whole.

Through an internship with us, you will obtain extensive knowledge about the renewable energy sector and comprehensive work experience within your area of expertise. 


Currently we have no open intern positions.

Practical information

The duration of European Energy’s internship programme is between 4 and 6 months in the same department of the Company.

Depending on your qualifications and contingent business needs, you may work in one of the following departments of European Energy. Please read more about the different departments in European Energy below.


An internship in our Legal Department is an ideal platform for graduates aiming at a career as in-house advisors in global companies or pursuing law practice within international, cross border transactions.  Our legal team has responsibility for varied tasks and transaction types, including: M&A’s, sale and acquisitions, supply, construction, cooperation and joint ventures for development of projects; acquisition of real estate and land rights, Project Finance. An internship in our Legal Department will give you the opportunity of supporting in drafting, and negotiating complex agreements; reviewing standard templates; support due diligence processes; undertake research on diverse legal issues.


As a trainee in Project, you will become a part of a department, which will give you the opportunity to learn about the Renewable Energy frame work in many countries. Since we are active in various countries such as Italy, Spain, Denmark, Germany, Sweden, Poland, Japan amongst others, we analyze business opportunities in new countries on a daily basis both in Photovoltaic (PV) and Wind Energy. You will also learn the basics of Wind and PV energy. In the project department we deal with all aspects of development of projects and construction of these once we have a building permit.  You will learn how to analyze a project opportunity in order to be able to consult whether it is interesting both financially and in relation to political risks whilst preparing business cases for project funding. All of these things are done in close cooperation the other departments and external partners why you will find yourself as a part of several teams.


As a trainee in M&A, you will be working with a wide range of tasks, such as valuation of wind and solar projects, Due Diligence participation and contract negotiation during the various ongoing transaction processes. Furthermore you will assist in preparing project information memorandums and in developing business cases aimed towards European Energy’s various partners. The M&A unit maintains and establishes on an ongoing basis relationships with national and international partners and investors (utilities, family offices, institutional investors, funds and professional investors). As an integrated part of the team you will get a first-hand insight into identification and cooperation with our various partners.


As a trainee in Finance, you will get insight into a wide range of financial fields. You will become acquainted with the many different tasks of a financial department, e.g. entry of invoices, purchase orders, creditor registration, reconciliations, book keeping, reporting of VAT, the cashier function and settlement of travel expenses. You will also be involved in other tasks such as financial controlling and reporting to internal and external stakeholders; Annual reports, interim reports etc.


 An internship in the Operations Department will allow you to experience an environment with a big variation of interesting tasks. In Operations, we are naturally focusing on PV and wind assets for which construction has been completed and commissioning has taken place. Depending on your background, you will become familiar with the technical details of renewable energy assets or alternatively with a wide range of commercial and financial aspects connected to running the renewables business.

As an intern with a business, economics or financial background, you will become accustomed to performance analysis both from a financial as well as a production point of view. Calculating financial ratios, proceeds allocations, revenue-dependent OPEX or cash flow available for debt service will be part of your tasks just as performing liquidity analyses or elaborating bank reports and updates of running business plans. Apart from a close cooperation with other departments within European Energy, you will also have the opportunity to take the communication with external third parties, such as banks, investors and other stakeholders.

As an intern with an engineering background you will be part of a team of technical experts at European Energy that is assuring the optimal performance of our power plants. In close contact to our operation and maintenance (O&M) contractors, you will observe the trend of production and the status of the power plants during time of operation by collecting and analyzing monthly production data, events and upgrades. Further you will evaluate the contractors’ performance in relation to the relevant contracts. You will be involved in finding the reasons for breakdowns and underperformance and in proposing solutions and improvements. Moreover you will take part in the execution of the works as well as the provision of needed material.

What do we offer?

  • 4 - 6 months’ valuable, hands-on work experience within the areas of the renewable energy value chain
  • Working with experienced professionals of varied nationalities and a multitude of expertise
  • True professional challenges, responsibilities and the opportunity to influence decision-making. Whilst making valuable connections with useful references for your future career
  • Opportunity to get acquainted with competent professionals. If you are interested in working for a global renewable energy company, an internship with us, is a step in the right direction


  • You have completed at least three years of full-time studies at a university level or an equivalent institution, working towards the completion of a degree
  • You are fluent in English
  • Other language skills are seen as an advantage, but is not a requirement