The management team (from left): Mikael D. Pedersen, Holger Bang, Jonny Thorsted Jonasson, Jens-Peter Zink, Thomas Hvalsø Hansen, Knud-Erik Andersen, and Emil Vikjær-Andresen. For more information about individual members of the management team - go to management

Management and organization

The management team possess technical,- commercial,- and legal competencies. This combination is reflected througout the entire organisation. Through leverage of a broad range of competencies we have managed to generate profit year on year since European Energy was founded in 2004.

In our company headquarters in Søborg, Copenhagen we are 67 dedicated employees. We represent 11 different nationalities and speak more than 11 languages, enabling us to communicate efficiently with stakeholders around the world

Vision and mission

We envision a global community with independence from fossil fuel energy sources and where efficiency and zero carbon emissions are the norm.

Our mission is to be the preferred partner within all parts of the renewable energy value chain. We ensure a healthy business through deep local knowledge combined with technical-, legal-, and commercial expertise on renewable investments.

We always welcome new interesting business opportunities – to ensure value creation, and manage risk across technology and geography. We seek an organic growth and ensure a responsible solidity which in favor for us and our stakeholders.

Please find information regarding financial performance at our financial information site or company presentation.